Business Strategist
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Built a few lasting partnerships with Google, Oracle,Microsoft, Cisco, Sony, Farm Aid, Dell, Net Suite, charities and various government entities in order to produce larger company revenues and successful milestones for all parties involved. Built and developed teams to create campaigns that marketed some of the decent sized corporations and a few industry leaders. Forged a network union between different organizations and companies to secure larger competitive contracts and research funding. Successful negotiations of agreements with employees of Lockheed Martin, US Departments of Defense and military installations as well as the US department of forestry. Successful painstaking moves have taught me the balance between jumping all in and seeking advice of others usually my wife, and finding clear definitions in the truest form of skill transfer to serve a larger audience with less overhead.


Netjumps Intl.
April 2012- Present
Specialized Model Forecasting, Digital, Media, Marketing Programming, PR, Analysis SEO Technical Engineering Cloud systems, Operation lofi adapters and Data exchange with Suite Marketing, Media, Programming, Coding, Technical Engineering, Eye Tracking, Digital Media, Animation, Campaigns, Graphics Professional in various industries connected services with systems to understand and analyze data, Raw ignite systems for video, editing systems for 3D printing and imaging. Sheldon Michael built 4 companies as of date 2 of which sold to very well known digital marketing firms for sub par 4x multipliers and the other two continue to operate on a reoccurring rev. model in the digital and engineering space. Sheldon Michael has a long history building enterprise level directories including FindLaw, and system integrations for HardRock Cafe and Starwood Hotel and Resorts.

Sheldon Michael continues to Manage 12-15 different entities; some private and some public, Assisting Corporation automate eBusiness advertising, accounting and sales modules to third party charges. All website coding for purchase validation, as well as client sales for commission split and audit all items flowing through the website to all accounting modules, sales modules and verify syncing of information. Sheldon Michael accurately forecast’s all budgeting, profitability, marketing strategy, development of products for more sales and content of those items of all internet marketing of advertisement space, advertised products, television commercials to specific website and satellite feeding software specifically oracles bpo data sheet and mining, for budget purposes of all advertisement campaigns for internet mall, internet advertising, Google ads, television ads, radio spots, telemarketing leads and ensure collection of all monies to all accounts receivable. All internals are built in-house with 5 engineers and 4 designers. Truly defining the boutique model.

Top 3 US clients

  • Konica Minolta (
  • Toppik (toppik com)
  • Quick Cash Funding (

Top 3 CA clients

  • Toppik (
  • Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation (
  • Quick Cash Funding (

Top 3 clients in the energy, utilities and sustainability sectors:

  • Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation (
  • Elgin Recycling (
  • Evolve Guest Controls (

Largest account gains over the past three years (all primary office)

  • Konica Minolta (
  • Toppik (
  • Elgin Recycling (
  • Bauer’s Intelligent Transportation (
  • Ashley Stewart (
  • Global Custom Commerce (

Largest account losses over the past three years (all primary office)

  • Free Conference Call (
  • Mathis Brothers Furniture (


Bachelor Degree in Economics w/ emphasis in Model Forecasting

Ohio State University: 1997-1999

A.S. Business Administration and Management

Gulf Coast Community College 1995-1999

OPN Certified Specialist

Organizations – Affiliations – Honors – Awards

Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC)

February 2015 – Present

Organizer west coast division – Surfride Foundation 2015

OHIO alumni family, Society Delta Sigma Pi (online Beta)